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About Ozziebuddy and the Ozziebuddy Vision

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5 ways to save your heart.


Ozziebuddy was started by Cornel Campeanu of Brisbane, Australia, to accomodate overseas and interstate travellers who wish to see and walk the "Aussie Bush" in the company of "a local" who has also walked his way around many cities around the globe.

I have walked many bush tracks in the Brisbane area and surrounds for two decades. In an earlier time, I travelled to Europe twice then across the USA and Canada by car with my trusty 1966 Pontiac.


My most recent adventure was a trip across the USA in a Chevy Astro van purchased from a repo yard near the California/Mexician border (ex people smuggler vehicle). My partner Barbara and I travelled across the USA to Florida where we stayed for about 5 months. I also visited Florida in 2011 for a period of 6 months.

Now, back to YOU!
After arriving in a foreign city and renting a car, the traveller often relies on a GPS system to reach a destination.

Why not travel with a local guide who can not only guide you to a nearby walking or picnic location, but also get you there without getting lost, then take you on a nature walk suited to your walking desires.

GPS Stories in Australia

May 7 2010 Rescue after GPS leads tourists astray near Childers


my plea to Government.

I have received a very encouraging response from the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Graham Quirk, and I need assistance to take the idea further.

I would like to begin a project to develop my Ozziebuddy Walking Tours idea into a local then later, national business, and I need your help with a Government Grant to do this.




So that I NEVER become part of the current "Health System"


For well over 15 years, almost every weekend, I have trekked perhaps every known walking track on both sides of Mt Coot-tha, and tracks at Cunninghams Gap.



During the past years, both my parents have passed away while they lived in Whynot St, West End, where we all grew up, with Mt Coot-tha in clear view, but, they almost never went there.  Instead, they had to walk the halls of the PA Hospital and I still recall daily visits to my mother in the Oncology Ward for perhaps 6 months as she gradually faded away.  Dad passed about a year later from liver failure.


I last saw a doctor in my early 40's and i'm now 61 and in great cardiac shape.


Do you know that, in Australia, about 840 people A WEEK die from Cardiac Failure? ....... Please visit my Heart attack page for more data.


Next time I achieve business success, I want to buy a mortuary.


I walked Mt Coot-tha tracks every weekend, alone mostly for perhaps 10 years before a buddy took interest and joined me.  Within a year, he remarked that "I saved his life" and he excelled at walking and became my leader.  He also inspired his wife and daughter to get out and walk.


Since 2000, as I walked and walked, even in summer heat, alone on the mountain, I have watched major expansions at almost ALL Brisbane hospitals going from large buildings to now, almost mega cities for sick people, and now, people are willing to bunk on the floor in a hospital, literally dying to get in.





I have travelled the world and in 1976, in a Canadian park, saw a vison of what we could have here.  Canada excelled in National Park design and facilities and that was 38 years ago.   I can do nothing about the state of Mt Coot-tha National Park or others, but I CAN INSPIRE people to enjoy the fresh air and dappled sunlight of our Aussie Bush.



Could any one of you, reading this email, please assist me to get a Government Grant to kick off my vision, and if you do, I PROMISE YOU that, within 5 years, you will have lots and lots of empty beds in our hospitals, Nationally, and lots and lots of healthier and productive Australians who will NOT want to go to an Emergency Ward or a doctor, or into a Cancer Ward.




We say that we are the "Lucky Country", but then , 

why are our hospitals over flowing?




With funding...


I need to LOOK for interested young, middle aged and older people to become an "Ozziebuddy". This demographic of walking guides with CPR and fitness accreditation will be needed to encourage and inspire customers of various demographic groups to come and experience the Aussie Bush



I need a few months with these people to get involved and share in my vision and to pick only those that will be great ambassadors for Ozziebuddy and for Australia.



If this idea is to take root from bases in other cities, I believe that will be at least a 5 year plan.


I do not want people to have a "Biggest Loser" fitness experience.

Becoming Unhealthy takes years, and I believe that the road to good health should also be gradual and then it will be a long lasting lifestyle choice.




Paul Hogan did that with "A shrimp on the barby" and eventually, I want to be able to enlist people like Paul Hogan and other well known and liked individuals to appear in Ozziebuddy Walking Tours ads all over the planet



IF YOU CAN SEE a healthier and more prosperous Australia emerging from this vision, PLEASE HELP ME to kick it off with access to a Government Grant.

If you know of a private individual that would also be supportive, please tell them.


Gina Rinehart comes to mind.  Please get this email to her before her health deteriorates further.


Benefits of the Product.


During my walks with my buddy Adrian, featured in the video, even though he was unaware of it, I was making mental notes of our individual behaviour during each 2 - 3 hour walk on Mt Coot-tha or elsewhere.


My mentor in Personal Development. Jim Rohn, described the best attitude to get the most out of a bush walk, "Wherever you are, be there".


During all the years we walked together, Adrian always carried his mobile phone, and, even though his family knew that he was going for a walk on the mountain, every Sunday afternoon, his wife, or daughter, or business associate would call him with a problem or a request to do something on the way home.


He would be away from home perhaps a total of only 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon and I observed that even though he complied with the needs of each caller, his mood changed each time.  Often, after each call, I felt the pace quickening so that he could get back home sooner.


I did not have a mobile phone and I never carried one on any walking experience.


The benefits of walking with an "Ozziebuddy" is that you will have a total and complete ME experience.  


You will have the freedom to walk as you please, observe the wonders of nature around you, pause to view a bird or lizard in the tree, or hear bell birds ringing their tune without knowing where they are, and just let your senses come alive as you hear, smell and see the wonders of our Aussie bush.

Nobody will have a functioning mobile phone during every walking experience and those that need to use one can exit the walk immediately and return to base.  Carrying a mobile phone on walks will eventually be banned totally, except for the Ozziebuddy who will use it only in an Emergency.


This view comes from my observation of Cancer sufferers and of the ones that beat the disease.


In my observations, to beat Cancer, you must leave your current environment, totally.


So it will be at Ozziebuddy Bush Walking Tours.  


When you are with an Ozziebuddy, you will have 100% ME time and complete each walk in peace and tranquillity because you have given your body and your soul a chance for total relaxation in the company of like minded individuals.


I am Cornel Campeanu, the original Ozziebuddy, and I want to share this vision with everybody on the planet, by enlisting and encouraging like minded individuals to put their foot forward and encourage others to share my vision and bring health, peace and tranquillity back into people's lives.


Walking in a gym or on a teadmill may get you fit, but each walk with an Ozziebuddy, in the oxygen rich Aussie bush, will bring health and well being to your soul.



The way to book and/or find additional product info like the price. 


Ozziebuddy Walking Tours is still in marketing mode.



Once I have funding to take the idea into commercial reality, a booking website will need to be developed along with offers of various walking tracks around the Brisbane area as far as Cunnnghams Gap.


With funding, I will need to find and train individuals to become Ozziebuddies, initially taking every Ozziebuddy on walks along every track that I have explored and later on, add new tracks as time permits.


The start up phase may take 3 - 6 months to get all management and logistic concerns ironed out.  We will be dealing with people's lives so the plan must be well thought out.



A Waiver form for each applicant will be signed before each walk.

This safeguards the walker and Ozziebuddy.

Thank you, in advance, for your future consideration and support.


Cornel Campeanu - The Original OZZIEBUDDY


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